clean a green swimming pool

Easy Steps to Clean Your Dirty Green Pool

Summer is approaching, and the need of the swimming pool becomes a necessity (though in winter, people also enjoy it with warm water). You lift up the winter cover to open the pool, and got surprised by seeing the green water. The algae have played havoc with the pool. No worries, you can overcome it. You just need to be aware of how to clean a green swimming pool technique, and the rest will be done with ease then.

This post lets you know as to how to clean a green swimming pool with just few steps. Once done, algae will be no more in the pool.

Quick Summary of How to Fix a Green Pool?

·         First step is to lower the pH value of the swimming pool.

·         Next is to shock the pool.

·         Then to add flocculant.

·         Later you need to vacuum the swimming pool.

·         In the last, you should add an algaecide to avoid algae in future.

This is the entire process of cleaning the green swimming pool.

What Do You Need to Fix the Green Pool?

Below mentioned is what you should use if you want to clean the green pool.

·         Ph decreaser

·         Pool Shock

·         Flocculant

·         Algaecide

Tools Help You Out

·         Pool brush

·         Poll vacuum

Before You Begin with Cleaning, You Should Do This

Although you have knowledge as to how to clean a green swimming pool, but you should nonetheless follow something before you begin with the process. Do the below, if you like to clean your pool.

·         First test and balance the water in the pool.

·         Then open and check the filter.

·         If it looks clean, then fine. If not, then clean it.

·         Now you need to scrub the pool as much as you can (this way it will loosen up the algae which is clinging to the walls).

There is absolutely no magic involved at all in turning the green or black pool clean and clear overnight. It certainly takes much time, your efforts and your money also. It is up to you, if you keep maintaining the pool, you will not witness this problem frequently. You just need to know how to clean a green swimming pool, and that’s it.

There is a proven method to clean the dirty pool, and that is mentioned in above lines. Follow it and you will make your pool clean once again.